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Our goal

We are friends of the planet,

Passionate about helping our planet by positive social and environmental impact.

Energetic and enthusiastic family running the company.

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Always a better choice for your special events

Impress your guests with sustainable tableware.

Make a statement and become an example for your friends and family.


What difference is vistaraku making in your events

-Serve in a healthy and hygienic way.

-Make your event a "zero waste event".

-Help spread awareness about sustainable alternatives.

-Anti-oxidants in leaves enhance the flavour of food, gives feeling of satisfaction and helps in digestion.

Chosing Vistaraku over plastic?

Still using plastic to serve your special people?

-Plastic leaches into food served.

Poisoning our loved ones


-Hard to recycle/dispose safely.

Causes pollution and animal deaths.

-Cheaper and easily available.

-Leaf is loaded with anti-oxidants which has numerous health benefits.


-Home compostable.

-30 to 40 percent more expensive.

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Why we are doing?   

Keeping a tradition alive

in India people have been eating in leaf plates for centuries. 


Vistar - aku

to spread    -    leaf

Word meaning

Vistaraku is what we call leaf-plate in Telugu. 

In India food is always served as a spread of several dishes such as dal, rice, pickle, curry, curd and let's not forget dessert.






How we are doing   

Protects your health too!

Making conscious choices and decisions

Chemical free

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Improves digestion

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Enhances flavours in your food




Vistaraku empowers women

Our goal is to improve the lives of rural and tribal women by providing a steady source of income and a safe and stress-free work environment.

Our factory is located in a rural are, so these women do not have to leave their families to work. This way they strike a healthy balance with work and their household responsibilities.


You always come first to us, get help here

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