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World Cancer Day.

Updated: Feb 14

Introduction: Environmental importance of leaf plates The impact of disposable plasticware utilization in our day to day has led to a search for alternate renewable resource, i.e., use of plant leaves as dining plates and food wraps, a traditional practice in India. The long-standing tradition has its own cultural, religious, medicinal, socioeconomic importance in India. The leaves are one of the non-timers forest produce (NTFP) and collected from the forests by the tribal people of India. The plates and cups made out of leaves are known as patravali, pattal, vistari, vistaraku; and done, dona, respectively, in various Indian languages. The leaf plates are environment friendly, biodegradable, amenable for longer duration storage and can be easily disposed off. They are economical and don’t require cleaning with phosphate-rich soaps and detergents, a time taking, labor intensive process. The nutrient-rich detergents released into the water bodies lead to a phenomenon known as eutrophication, in which excessive growth of algae and its anaerobic decomposition depletes dissolved oxygen leading to fish kill (Sarin, 2017). The leaves exhibit significant antibacterial and antifungal properties against various bacteria and fungi, thus protect us from the environmental and food borne pathogens (Sahu and Padhy 2013). The abundance of polyphenols, which could probably be leached into the food make them as ideal natural antioxidants (Somayaji and Hegde 2016).

In the pursuit of a healthier and sustainable lifestyle, our choices extend beyond what we put on our plates to the plates themselves. As we commemorate National Cancer Day on February 4th, we at Vistaraku- A Social Enterprise, a sustainable leaf tableware company, are inspired to share how our commitment to sustainability intertwines with the fight against cancer.

The Power of Palash and Siali:

Our journey begins with the incredible properties of Palash and Siali leaves, the heart of our sustainable tableware. Derived from nature's bounty, these leaves not only provide an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plates but also offer unique health benefits.

1. Antioxidant-rich Palash Leaves:

In olden days, the leaves are extensively used for packing breakfast, meals, and groceries and the practice is continued in villages even now.and used in Ayurveda and Unani for treating ulcers, wounds, leprosy, earache, and headache. The leaves are rich source of various flavonoids and exhibit antiobesitic, anti-inflammatory, antinociceptive, antibacterial, antipyretic, analgesic, antihelminthic, alexiteric, and wound healing activities.

2. Medicinal Properties of Siali Leaves:

Siali leaves, sourced from the Siali tree indigenous to certain regions, have long been recognized for their medicinal properties. Studies suggest that compounds found in Siali leaves may have anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting effects. By incorporating Siali leaf tableware into your daily routine, you're not only making an environmentally friendly choice but also potentially supporting your immune system.

Empowering Change:

As we come together to raise awareness on National Cancer Day, let's recognize the collective power we have to make a difference. By choosing sustainable alternatives like our Palash and Siali leaf tableware, you're not only reducing your environmental footprint but also contributing to the fight against cancer.

1. A Greener Tomorrow:

Palash and Siali leaves are readily available, renewable resources. Choosing our sustainable tableware means contributing to the reduction of deforestation and promoting a more sustainable, greener future.

2. Supporting Cancer Research:

In alignment with our commitment to social responsibility, a portion of our proceeds this month will be dedicated to cancer research. Together, we can make an impact beyond the eco-friendly realm, supporting initiatives that strive for a cancer-free world.

As we reflect on National Cancer Day, let's celebrate the small yet impactful choices we can make in our daily lives. By choosing sustainable tableware, you're not only advocating for a healthier planet but also embracing the potential health benefits that Palash and Siali leaves bring.

Join us in this journey towards a greener, healthier future. Together, let's leave a legacy of hope for generations to come. Vistaraku

We are a Sustainable product company.

Vistaraku is a pioneering women-led enterprise dedicated to crafting high-quality, disposable,

eco-friendly, and bio-degradable leak-proof cutlery.

Our passion lies in creating exquisite leaf plates and bowls that not only empower rural women but also champion the cause of reducing the carbon footprint in the food industry.

We provide sustainable solutions to replace single-use plastic tableware.

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