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Hosting a Party? Order Compostable Tableware From This Brand in Hyderabad

What Makes It Awesome

Most of us often use single use plastic serveware at parties to avoid cleaning up afterwards. While this can be convenient and hassle-free, did you know that it's extremely harmful for the environment? How about switching to a more sustainable alternative that's safe for you and earth-friendly too? Siddipet based social enterprise Vistaraku kicked off when the founders observed cows consuming plastic waste from a dump yard near their residence, leading to their death. Soon, the community they lived in began separating wet and dry waste. However, remnants of food waste were always found in plastic packaging, which the cows ended up consuming anyway. They then began to research for alternatives and found the solution in traditional food practices local to South India. Vistaraku in Telugu is a leaf plate; meals in several parts of South India are served on these plates, especially for weddings and parties. The brand, which goes by the same name, aims to provide an efficient alternative to single use tableware. We found leaf, bowls, plates, cornstarch cups, takeout boxes and wooden cutlery in several sizes, suitable for various dishes in their catalogue. The enterprise provides employment to several women in the Tribal pockets of Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and Telangana who source and stitch together leaves to form sturdy tableware that's as good as plastic, if not better. We found tableware in Sal, Siali and Palash leaves - all found in abundance in the three states. We like that the brand takes a traditional concept and elevates it for modern day use. For example, the disposable takeout containers are sealable, so you can use them on trips. Their customers love the nostalgia that comes with dining in their leaf tableware. We've also been told that the wholesale prices for the products are significantly lesser than single use plastic tableware. The next time you're hosting a party or get-together, you know where to order your fully compostable tableware from!

Pro Tip

Vistaraku also supplies in bulk for low waste weddings and functions catering to larger groups. Just email them or DM them on Instagram to make your celebrations more earth friendly.

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